Fairy Tale Thursday #1

After reading Adam Gidwitz book “A Tale Dark and Grimm” I decided to pull out my huge copy of “The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales” and write my thoughts on one of the fairy tales within every Thursday. Warning: If you do not want spoilers for any of these fairy tales, which is going to be hard not to do with them being so short and all, than do not read any farther.

* * *

The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Published by Pantheon Books Inc., Random House

The Frog-King, or Iron Henry

I remember a few years ago watching a film, that somebody I had known at the time had, that was based off of this story. At the time I had no idea that that short film was based off of this fairy tale, but my thoughts remain similar for what I have see and what I have read (though the film did have its differences). I don’t think I will ever understand how throwing a frog against a wall will break the curse of a wicked witch and how that same frog, now a human prince, can still be happy with person who had rejected them so strongly before. She threw him against a wall! Whatever floats his boat, I suppose. The ending of the story was actually rather sweet with the two new love birds meeting up with the Prince’s faithful servant. The iron bands that the servant had placed around his heart to stop it from bursting from sorrow when the prince was cursed started to break because his heart had filled with so much joy due to his Prince’s return. It was touching and I am glad it was included into this short tale or else it would have ended up just being about a creepy frog and a young princess who was well practiced in said frog tossing.


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