My Thoughts On: Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans

Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans
Published by Candlewick Press
Rating: 4/5

* * *

 As most of you may, or perhaps may not, know I am a Greek Mythology fan and have read several of the myths repeatedly throughout the years (starting in the seventh grade for anyone who is wondering). This book, though extremely short, is a great beginning place for anyone who is interested in the Greek myths. It does not go into much depth only keeping to the bare bones and mainly only focuses on the twelve major Olympian gods, but the book only set out to give the basics. There are several little extras held inside the pages such as cards profiling the gods and a picture of the Minotaur’s labyrinth that you can find your way through. One of my favorite things about this book though was the story that is told in the margins of the pages. It is about a man Lady Hestia knows who  travels to Greece in search of relics, however, he becomes increasingly greedy and it eventually leads to his downfall in a similar way that happened to another character in one of the Greek myths. I would recommend this book to anyone to has little to no knowledge of the myths already and wants to know the basics before diving completely in or as a present for a child that you feel may hold an interest in such stories.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On: Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans

    • It’s a very simplistic and straight forward read. It has a good number of great illustrations though which will slow you down a bit so you can take them all in.

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