My Thoughts On: Fall Out Toy Works: Vol. 1 by Brett Lewis (writer) & Sam Basri (artist)

Title: Fall Out Toy Works: Vol. 1
Author: Brett Lewis
Artist: Sam Basri

Published by: Image Comics


A brilliant young toymaker risks his entire company for his factory’s newly produced android, Tiffany. But when he falls in love with his own creation and she’s already been sold to the most powerful man on Earth, getting her back becomes his greatest passion – and his own destruction Inspired by the ideas and lyrics of Fall Out Boy, Fall Out Toy Works brings the magic of innocence to life as both a toymaker and his invention set about learning the true secrets of life. Created by Fall Out Boy visionaries Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli DRx) and Nathan Cabrera, this trade paperback collects Fall Out Toy Works #1-5, and includes interviews with Pete Wentz and Darren Romanelli, plus a sketchbook section revealing the origins of the designs for the project. – (Goodreads)


My Thoughts:

I was very excited to dive into this comic, but sadly I was kind of disappointed. The story seemed very disjointed and I often felt like I was missing something like a line a character said or even an entire page (I reread passages often). This tended to lead to quite a bit of confusion about what was going on exactly. Was it a dream? Did it restart? Are they even in love? I am not familiar with the song this comic is based off of, so maybe that has to do with some of the confusion – I don’t really know.

The grammar also bothered me sometimes, which surprised me because I am in no way good with it myself. It was just so apparent in some places though such as the use of the wrong tense or simply the wrong word all together. One character did have the excuse of English being their second language, so the way they spoke didn’t bother me.

The art, however, I loved! The artist did very well in portraying facial expressions, so it was easy to tell what a character was feeling even if I didn’t necessarily understand what was happening. All the characters were also very distinguishable and it was simple to keep track of who was who. It was all just felt very clean.

The only real problem I found with the characters themselves was that they all felt rather flat (this can go hand and hand with the disjointed story). You never really get any background on any of the characters and the one character I feel you really do get some info on (Tiffany) is just really mind-boggling because of all the separate memories.

It’s not that I didn’t like the concept of this comic – I did. It just didn’t feel like it was executed well. It’s possible that there is another volume (it says 1 on the side), but I have looked and haven’t found anything as of yet (it also said ‘end’ at the…well, end). Anyway, I can’t really see where the story would go after this volume.

I would recommend this comic if you were looking for something with really nice eye-appeal or were looking for a mind-twister. However, if you were looking for a happy love story with a nice plot (with surprising, but understandable twists) this may not be the read for you.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

(close to a 3)


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