Comic Book Wednesday: Post #3

Comic Book Wednesday is a weekly post where I will talk about comics I am reading or have read and will also contain the comic purchases I made over the week.

Title: Marvel Now’s Deadpool #1

Writers: Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn

Artist: Tony Moore

Colors: Val Staples

Publisher: Marvel

This comic is my first true experience with Deadpool outside of the world of fanfiction and a brief appearance he made in a cartoon, and it was really close to what I was expecting. The presidents of the past have been revived from the dead and have acquired killer intent during their should have been eternal nap. America is in trouble, the Avengers (especially Captain America) can’t help, so there is only one person the can turn to… Deadpool!

I love Deadpool’s character just as much as I thought I would, which is a lot. He has great commentary and I love how he interacts with others both enemies and ‘allies.’ I also really loved President Lincoln’s part at the end. The irony of it was fantastic! Overall, my opinion on this series, based of the first issue, is rather high and I hope it maintains this quality or raises above it. I’m really looking forward to the insanity in the next issue!

I wrote to the Marvel crew that had a hand in this issue to say how much I enjoyed it. It was a special fangirl moment. Unfortunately, I didn’t read a lot this week, but hopefully next week there will be more on what I am reading!

What I bought This Week:

Until next Wednesday:

Chimneywriter signing off!


2 thoughts on “Comic Book Wednesday: Post #3

    • I’m rather new to the Deadpool scene (most of the stuff I know about him is through fanfiction), but I felt this comic was a decent starting place for the character. 🙂

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