Comic Book Wednesday: Post #5

Comic Book Wednesday is a weekly post where I will talk about comics I am reading or have read and will also contain the comic purchases I made over the week.

* * *

Title: Mighty 7: Issue #1

Concept: Stan Lee

Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson, and Stan Lee

Artists: Alex Saviuk, Bob Smith, John Workman, and Tom Smith

Publisher: Stan Lee Comics

* * *

Quick Thoughts:

I picked up the first issue of Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 on a whim while making my weekly adventure to the comic store. Honestly, I’m not sure how I felt about this issue. In some aspects I liked it, but on others I just felt kind of ‘meh.’ Of course, this is just the first issue and I can see this series getting better as it progresses, so I think I am going to continue it for another issue or two before deciding if I am going to drop it or not. (I already have a ton of series I am following.)

I really liked the idea that the story is taking place in a fictional ‘real time,’ so people whom we are familiar with are incorporated with the fictional characters. The characters themselves, obviously, haven’t had much revealed about them yet, but it does appear that Blastok will have a very interesting back story. I need to know why he is no longer part of the task force. I also really liked how the story jumped from Stan Lee’s point of view on earth to that of the superhero characters in space and I’m eager to see how they will combine together in issue two.

I’m hoping that this comic and these heroes turn out to be just as great as Spider-Man or Iron Man. I can already feel a difference between the ‘classic’ heroes and these new guys and I wonder what surprises they will bring in the future. At least, I am hoping they will bring surprises and not turn stale anyway.

* * *

What I Got This Week:

Nothing new this week. I worked today, so I didn’t have time to go pick up any comics. 😦


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