My Thoughts On: Crumbs by Elora Bishop

????????????????????????????????????????Title: Crumbs: A Lesbian Hansel and Gretel

Author: Elora Bishop

Publisher: Smashwords and can also be found on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble 

Format: eBook (2012)

* ~ * ~ * ~ *


Greta’s never ventured beyond the refuge of the Heap. Outside, the Ragers lurk, ever hungry and hunting. But Greta and her brother, half-starved and now alone, must risk death for the dream of safety they hope to find within the metal forest. Once there, nothing is as it seems: in the confines of a crumbling old candy factory, the woman who rescues them with sweet words and sweeter treats harbors a dangerous secret.

The novella CRUMBS is the lesbian retelling of the classic fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel.” It is part of the series SAPPHO’S FABLES: LESBIAN FAIRY TALES. – (Goodreads)

* ~ *~ * ~ *

My Thoughts:

I plunged into Crumbs with relatively no expectations and surfaced with mild satisfaction. This novella had a lot of potential that just always seemed to slide by before the story could completely capture it. The characters live in a post-apocolyptic world where Ragers (essentially zombies though with slight differences) roam, looking for fresh flesh and muscle to devour – this aspect of the story isn’t utilized as much as it could have been. Nearly all the ‘I want a human for an appetizer’ action is sacrificed (literally, it just breezes right by) in order for Greta to meet her potential love interest sooner.

This brings me to the romance of this Hansel & Gretel re-imagining, which, for the length of the novella, I thought was decently done. I wish there had been some more suspense or drama though, something that would just make me go, “wow, I really want these two to get together already!” In some respect it was hard to get invested in the relationship (and characters) because everything just flew by like a Peregrine Falcon. Really, there were points that I just wanted more. Maybe a bit more conversation when they were eating the pastries or more of a backfire to Greta’s quick conclusions about the siblings her and Hans are staying with. Just something.

Crumbs is good for what it is, but I can’t help but wish it were longer. I feel if it were longer I may have become more invested in the characters, family relationships, and romance because it would have had that extra stretch to develop. This was most certainly an interesting take on a classic fairy tale and I would recommend at least giving it a go. This novella is part of a series called Sappho’s Fables: Lesbian Fairy Tales and I do plan to check out the rest of them to see how all of them play out, especially Braided (a Rapunzel retelling).

Rating: 3.5 cakes out of 5


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