My Thoughts On: Yoki Koto Kiku by Koge-Donbo


Title: Yoki Koto Kiku

Author: Koge-Donbo

Publisher: Broccoli Books

Year Published: 2006

Format: Paperback

* ~ * ~ * ~ *


In the ancient House of Nekogami, sibling rivalry is a game of life and death. The family patriarch is dead, and his grandson Sukekiyo is the rightful heir. There’s just one problem — Sukekiyo is away at war, his fate unknown. Only one person can inherit the family fortune, and the triplets Yoki, Koto, and Kiku won’t let Sukekiyo’s fiancée, Tamayo, walk away with everything. With a fortune at stake, it’s kill or be killed as the Nekogami clan goes up against demons, thieves, and each other to protect the family — and the cash! – (Goodreads)

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

My Thoughts:

Yoki Koto Kiku is a one-shot manga that has been on my shelf, unread, for about as long as it’s publication date in English… I don’t know why. I really enjoyed what I have read of one of Koge-Donbo’s other works Pita-Ten (I’m on volume four), so I had relatively high expectations for this manga. Unfortunately, it fell short.

The art is what I have come to expect from this author’s works – very cute and cuddly characters. I find the character designs to be very refreshing, like a spring time breeze carrying the soft sent of flowers, as it is very dissimilar to the other manga-artists styles I normally read. I will say this, if you don’t like chibi, super adorable, characters then the art in here (or most of this author’s books) is not for you.

The story, while entertaining, was very bland. It follows the course of the siblings as they fight over the family inheritance in order to achieve their own dreams and when I say fight, they are trying to murder each other. Not to mention trying to kill their older brother’s fiancé whilst hoping he dies in war, so he can’t claim the money for himself. The story is broken up mainly into four chapters, three of which focus on each individual triplet. This was a good idea in order to get the reader more invested in the characters, but it just didn’t seem to pan out. The chapters just weren’t long enough and though they were slightly humorous, they just had no development. I was left feeling like everything was disjointed and randomly strewn about, especially when you through in the fourth chapter which mostly follows a soldier who had mistaken Yoki as his sister. Overall, all I liked that chapter probably the most, but it didn’t seem to offer to much to the story as a whole.

So, while I found the art to be candy-coated and refreshing, and the story vaguely comical, it did not offer anything new to the manga scene. I would recommend this manga if you just won’t a quick, light read – something to entertain you for about an hour, but nothing so engaging that you will remember it for years to come. If you don’t read Yoki Koto Kiku you probably aren’t missing much, yet, as I stated, it is an easy, quick-paced read.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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